Monday, May 26, 2008


Thanks To :

Allah S.W.T (Atas segala karunia-Nya), Muhammad S.A.W (Atas segala suri tauladan yang baiknya), My Parents n my family (Please forgive me, and thanks for your understanding), My Grand Pa(Alm) n Grand Ma(Alm) for the patience that You are always teach me when I was Boy, Poppy Khairunisa Imaniar (For the Inspiration, For sweetest Memory that I ever Had, I’m Learning All about my life by Looking through Your eyes), Rocky (For the best friendship that I ever had), Rocky n Poppy’s Family (For to keep me just like Home), All Rocky n Poppy’s Cousin(For the best Brother Hood), Desty (For being my Friend and always hear me), Teguh (Where are You now??), Iit (best Friend forever), QBO (for being my best friend), Ijul (for give me a permission to sleep in your house),Pramuka SMP 67 (For keep me away from the Nasty), QMONO Band (Thanks Guys), and all people that I Can’t Say, thanks a lot and pray for me, nothing gona change if I Not try to change it…thanks all……

- The story of life is never ending -


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